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Sunflower swing

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A wonderful fall swing for the littles in your life!!! This swing comes with either a twisted grapevine base or a twisted vine base and has rafia, 10 sola flowers, 2 corn puffs. Suitable for budgies, parrotlets and loverbirds sized birds Please supervise your bird when they use this swing. Although the rafia is not tied into a bow, birds can get themselves tangled..

Toy contains

  • 1 twisted grapervine or vine base
  • 10 hand painted sola flowers
  • 2 corn puffs
  • 2 vine balls
  • 10 pony beads
  • 2 wooden beads
  • strung with paper cord

Measures approximately 7 inches wide x 6 inches high, but this does vary

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