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Birdie Cave

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A safe alternative to the snuggle tents being sold by pet stores! This cave is made completely of veggie tanned leather. There is no fleece or material lining so you don't have to worry about your bird ingesting or getting tangled in threads.

The leather is stiff but malleable so you can shape it, how you want, tall and thin, or short and wide. Because the leather is fairly stiff, it will keep its shape, but you will most likely need to reshape it occasionally. Each cave comes with 2 palm flowers, 6 pine daisies, 6 wooden beads, and cage ties

Leather laces to attach to pear links (find pear links here) for hanging at top of cage are left long so you can adjust as you want

Will be packaged flat, please shape as you see fit

Small (for budgie/parrotlet sized parrots) - 12 inch circumference, 6 inches long

Medium (for conure/quaker sized parrots) - 14 inches circumference, 6 inches in length

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