Little Blue Bird toys is located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I specialize in making cute, safe and fun bird toys for small parrots such as budgies, parrotlets, love birds and conures. I've also had many customers buy toys for their medium sized parrots!

Toys and materials

All toys are handmade by me and bird toy safety is of utmost importance. Parts come from reputable bird toy part sellers. Balsa and Basswood are kiln dried, untreated and come from the United States. The pine I use comes from Canada and is untreated . All dye is either bird safe VitaCritter or Wilton's gel food dye. Any metal parts are either stainless steel or nickel plated. Toys are strung on tri-woven paper cord, bird safe poly rope or veggie tanned leather.

Why I make bird toys!

I have been a lifelong bird lover. I grew up with several budgies and cockatiels who stole my heart! As a child, I would save baby birds who fell out of their nests (we brought up many birds and released them!).

As an adult, there were many years when I did not own birds, but I always had bird feeders and loved watching the wild birds feed. Until a small zebra finch appeared at my backyard feeder and everything changed. I live in Canada. Zebra finches are native to Australia. There was someone’s pet bird in my backyard and I had to save it. I spent a week sitting in my backyard after work trying to catch this tiny finch until one day I finally caught him!!

Finn the finch was welcomed into our house with much celebration. We then got Poe the friend finch. This started an avalanche of birds, and we now have 4 budgies and a parrotlet and of course our two finches!

I used to spend all my free time making elaborate cosplays but ever since birds came into my household they have become my supreme leader, demanding all my attention, slaving to their every whim and desire!! I had to stop making costumes but I still wanted to create things. I started looking into making bird toys and once I started I could not stop! I started posting pictures of the toys I would make on Dory (parrotlet) instagram account and people kept telling me I should open a store. In January 2018 I opened my etsy store, then in July I opened my own web site!